Top Hairstyles for Men with Beard

Men’s hairstyles and facial hair designs are still in the center of barber’s attention. If you are planning to grow your hair or you are just looking for a hairstyle to freshen up your look, here are top hairstyles for men with beard. You will have an idea on what kind of beard design to choose with your haircut. These styles will definitely inspire go for radical changes. Go on reading and discover the best styles for yourself. The Undercut and Beard 

When talking about modern hairstyles, undercut is right up there. It is bold, stylish but incredibly mannish. The crop fast became one of the most popular haircuts for men. It is about the contrast between buzzed sides and long top. However, it may create a beautiful contrast with long and thick beard as well. When it comes to beard, there are endless possibilities ranging from a subtle contrast to a full blown disconnection. Look below to see one of the best ideas of pairing beard and undercut. Long Hair and Beard

Long hair and beard is the next combination for modern men. Well, but what kind of beard to have with long hair? According to popular barbers short beard styles will add desirable level of contrast. The advantage of rocking short beard is that, it is easy to maintain and works cool with long hair. However, if you are interested into long and thick beard designs, make sure to consult with your barber, Side Parting and Beard 

Once again classic side parting hairstyles are back in popularity. This hairstyle is absolutely amazing and it works great literally with every type of beard style. If you are planning to wear a polished side part hairstyle achieved with some hair products then it is supposed to keep hair on your face neat and well-groomed. Just take cue from one of the best looks shown below. The Quiff and Beard 

The quiff is possibly one of the most popular hairstyles among men. A voluminous quiff works great with anything -from a short stubble to a full lengthy beard. We highly recommend you keeping things tidy and trim with a buzz stubble or work your way with long thick beard. Note that the quiff looks dapper with any pairing. Short and Messy Hairstyle with Beard 

Nowadays a messy hairstyle is a sign of sexiness. Keeping things messy and disheveled is another style that suits beard. If you have messy and disheveled hair, it is better to wear a beard that is neither too thick nor too long. Ask your barber to keep your facial hair no higher than a #2 clipper length.