Triangle Braids Hairstyles: New Way of Rocking Box Braids

If you are looking for a new way to update your regular box braids then you are in a right place, in the right moment. Indeed, triangle braids are a thing you need to consider. These braids can refresh your look. Actually, triangle braids are the same as box braids with twists. There are many different ways of rocking these braids so you will definitely get inspired from them. If you are ready for a new appearance with creative braids then just check these incredible triangle braid hairstylesEbony Triangle Braids 

Let start our list from this amazing coiffure. This amazing style involves some braids and incredible accessories. Luckily, there are numerous accessories for such braids. Golden cuffs or rings are just what you need to enhance the braids. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle. However, it may seem a bit difficult for you to achieve, so it is better to ask your hairstylist for help. The model will help you to get inspired. Half Bun and Fringes 

With these braids, you can imitate any hairstyle you want including updos and downdos. For example, this wonderful hairstyle is all about a bun that has been created with the help of triangle braids. First of all, you need to braid your hair and then by taking some braids, twist them into a half up half down bun. Note that there is also a fringe that falls down the face making the entire look more interesting. Center -Parted Box Braids and Peek-a-Boo Highlights 

The appearance of your braids depends on your creativity. Try to use your imagination while creating the braids. Here you can see that the braids are center-parted and the visible lines draw attention. Apart from it, you can see some magenta peek-a-boo highlights that take the entire look a notch higher. You should definitely try this hairstyle for yourself and stand out in the crowd.  Blonde Triangle Part Braids 

The best thing is that you can try a braid of different shades. Extensions are the key to the look. If you have ever dreamed of being blonde, then with the help of extensions you can do that without damaging your hair. These golden braids are inspiring and can be worn by everyone. Make sure to try this option as well. Don’t forget to take the picture with you. 

Photo Credits: Creative Hairstyles