Winter Half Updo Hairstyles

Half up half down hairstyles are gone viral on Instagram. It is popular particularly among ladies with longer hair. We have seen many variations of half updo, so you have a chance to try something new every day. Have a look at these winter half updo hairstyles, and try to master all these gorgeous hairdos. half updo hairstylesTwisted Half Fishtail Braid 

You can’t resist the beauty of this mind-blowing half updo style. It is a mix of twists and braids. Even though the half updo looks complicated, it is quite easy to achieve. Bring your hair sections from both sides in a twisted style and finish with a fishtail braid. If you know how to weave a fishtail braid, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Regardless of whether you have wavy or straight hair, this will be the best style for you. Twisted and Knotted Half Updo 

It is a winter-worthy half up half down hairstyle that will leave everyone breathless. The icy shade of the strands is the first thing that grabs attention. When it comes to this hairstyle, it is a half up half down that has been created by knotting and twisting hair sections. A simple accessory takes the half updo a notch higher. It is an exceptionally gorgeous style for those with longer hair.  Messy Half Updo

It is an Instagram- worthy half updo that you can wear casually as well as formally. Messy hairstyles are incredible and they can work even for your big day. This sample features messy twisted strands that are secured with bobby pins. The locks that fall down the face, frame it and provide with a more feminine design. Add a gorgeous headpiece for a great finish. Bow Half Up Half Down 

Well, when it comes to this style, it is not an easy one to achieve. It requires super braiding skills. The half up half down features a bow that has been created with the model’s own strands. The bow is followed by loosen braids that imitate ribbons. You need to have long tresses to make your hairdo look as impressive as this one. A good hair color is bonus for this style.Long Half Up Half Down

We have seen various beauty bloggers that demonstrate the movements of achieving a hair bow like this. The complicated design turned to be the easiest style for ladies. Bow created with the wearer’s own strands looks twice cooler. If you are blessed with ultra long hair, don’t hesitate to give this hairdo a try. If you don’t know how to create a bow using your hair, watch some Youtube tutorials.