2022 Trendy Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Dark skinned women who look for new hair color ideas for their hair should definitely be careful while choosing one. Not every hair color works with dark skin tones but there are some cool shades that are just perfect for black women. They work with black skin as well as with dark eye colors and either tend to compliment or make a stunning contrast with your skin tone. Today I want to share with you’re the trendy hair color ideas for black women to try in 2022. So, let’s start!Platinum Blonde Hair Color

I would like to start with the most fashionable hair color which is worn not only by blondes but also by dark skinned women. It is the subtle platinum blonde. Actually when you think of dying your hair in this shade you should consider several important factors. So, if you have dark skin tone you may go for platinum blonde only in case you have a short haircut because it won’t look so pretty on your longhair.platinum blonde for black women 2016Dirty Blonde Hair Color
The dark blonde or the popular dirty blonde is one of the most required hair color by black women. They choose it to change their dark hair into a lighter one and therefore get a new image. Actually dirty blonde is great for dark skins and goes with warm brown eyes. dirty blonde for black women 2016Yellowish Golden Blonde Hair Color
The warm and sun-kissed yellowish golden blonde is a stunning hair color for black women. It tends to lighten up your complexions and to make your natural hair lovelier, shinier and more attractive. You can wear this hair color on your medium or long natural curls and allure many hearts. It is more beautiful with trendy dark roots. golden blonde for black women 2016Rich Espresso Hair Color
If you want to keep your dark hair more seductive and updated you can choose the rich espresso. It is a dark brown hair color with various warm shades of brown and compliments dark skin tones and brown eyes. This hair color is gorgeous on straight hairstyles and shine beautifully making your locks look healthier. espresso hair color for black women 2016Fiery Red Hair Color
Need more attention? Go for a dramatic red hair color. It’s the fiery effect on your hair which is hot both on straight and curly hairstyles. The fiery red is considered as a perfect hair color for dark complexions and nowadays it is very popular among black women. So, ladies who want to stand out from the crowd should definitely try the lovely fiery red in 2022. red hair color for black women 2016Silver Hair Color grey hair color for black women Being so stylish granny hair has captured many hearts. This natural-looking hair color is now worn by women of all complexions and is very seductive especially on long hairstyles. Black women are recommended to opt for darker silver hair colors to get the desired well-balanced look. grey hair color for black women 2016Black to Red Ombre Hair Color
Your dark black hair allows you to go for a trendy ombre hair color. Just dye your long tips in a deep red shade and enjoy a new astounding hair color for 2022. red ombre for black women 2016