10 New Crimped Hairstyles That Look Amazing

With the popularity of crimped hairstyles hairdressers think of creative ideas to match with them. Today they create more fabulous crimped hairstyles than before. The following string or the hottest crimped hairstyles for 2024 will make you fall in love with this style and you will surely try it on your long or short hair. Let’s discover the youthful crimped style together right here./

#1 Long Crimped Hairstyle with Highlights

crimped hairstyle with highlights

If you have long hair refresh it with trendy highlights. Then go for a nice crimped hairstyle choosing any size you like for your waves. If you have thin hair you may chose the smallest size and if you have thick hair you may go for chunky crimps. Whatever you choose you will get an astounding hairdo because these highlights do their great work. They add dimension to your hair and are beautifully reflected on wavy hairstyles.

#2 Short Pixie Crimped Hairstyle

short crimp hairstyle idea 2016

Be it a short pixie or a bob haircut you are welcome to rock a stunning crimped hairstyle. This style is not only for long hair but it is perfect for short haircuts too. Since stylish women recently often go for trendy short cuts they can beautify their haircut with a cool crimped hairstyle.

#3 Long Crimped Hairstyle

long crimped hairstyle 2016

Women who have fine hair and want to make it voluminous and airy can opt for a crimped hairstyle. You can start crimping either from the top part or from the middle part. In both case you will have a flashy volumized hairdo which is so soft. You can even combine it with some cute curls which will grab much attention.

#4 Crimped Ponytail Hairstyle

crimped ponytail hairstyle 2016

There are two ways to get a classy crimped ponytail hairstyle. The first way is tying a ponytail and crimping the tail into thin ways and the second way is crimping hair from the top part to the ends and then tying a pony. It’s easy and simple and you can achieve this hairstyle yourself.

crimp ponytail hair 2016

#5 Crimped Half Updo Hairstyle

crimped half updo hairstyle 2016

Have a look at this glamorous half updo hairstyle. It’s not a simple, one. It is created on crimped waves and is very attractive with dark roots which give it an ombre effect. This is great especially for fine hair which doesn’t loom full in half updo hairstyles. So, crimps will provide the desired fullness.

#5 Crimped Loose Updo Hairstyle

crimped loose updo hair 2016

The delicacy of loose crimped updo hairstyles is amazingly inspiring. Wearing this kind of hairdo for a special occasion you will keep all eyes on you. It’s hot and very seductive in its messy nature.

#6 Crimped Bob