11 Side-Swept Hairstyles That’ll Sweep You Off To The Salon

If you are looking for trendy party hairstyles then you are in the right place. Here I will represent you the latest gorgeous side swept hairstyles for 2024 which look very festive and glamorous. Now, let’s start!/

#1 Side Swept Straight Hairstyle

side swept straight hairstyle 2016

The first one is the classy long straight hairstyle pulled to a side. It is very feminine and elegant and in spite of being so simple it has a sophisticated touch in it. The side parted front strands frame the face beautifully and looks like a long fringe…

#2 Side Swept Vintage Hairstyle

Big curls will provide you with a stunning vintage hairstyle. If you pull them to a side and secure with a bobby pin on the back part you will get a more seductive and delightful look. If you have messy locks you can apply some hair color on the top part to get a sleeker and shinier effect. In case you also have short side bangs you can curl them as well to have a well-balanced hairstyle.

#3 Side Swept Blonde Hairstyle 

side pulled retro hairstyle 2016

#4 Teased Side Pulled Curly Ponytail

Teased Side Pulled Curly Ponytail 2016

#5 Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

If you have thick and long hair you can opt for this festive hairstyle. It is more than beautiful with highlights on it. The smooth, shiny and sleek top parts creates a lovely contrast with the messy curly tips. It really looks very attractive and flashy in its neat style. The super feminine touch is quite noticeable.

#6 Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to go for stylish bangs then side swept fringe is waiting for you. This subtle and cute bang haircut goes with various haircuts from too short to super long. So, you can go for a nicer and more attractive hairstyle by adding side swept fringe.

#7 Side Swept Medium Hairstyle

The beauty of side swept medium hairstyles is incredible. It’s an easy and simple hairdo which tends to enhance your prettiness and to make your look more engaging.

#8 Short Side Swept Hairstyle

side swept short hairstyle 2016

In order to soften your short hairstyle you are welcome to choose the side swept style. This is more beautiful for short pixie haircut which are combined with side swept bangs. You get a girlish and very spiffy look by this simple trick.

#9 Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

#10 Blunt Bob with Side-Swept Bangs