2021 Funky Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to edgy, crazy or funky hairstyles we get amused by the variety of the styles, cuts and shades. There are many ideas to use while styling a funky hairstyle. But in order to get a stylish and trendy funky hairstyle in 2021. You’d better check out the latest styles that I have collected below. There is nothing more attractive ad eye-catching than a funky haircut with a bold hair color. Women with such style always stand out in the crowd and display their unique charm, incredible way of thinking and the individual approach towards hair styling.

Funky Spiky Hairstyle

Spikes combined with short haircuts are the most striking styles for women. Generally they are boyish but once you dye your hair in a feminine and soft hair color it becomes softer and a kind of girlish. It’s better to choose light hair colors if you often go for spiky hairstyles. Then you can add pastel or brighter highlights on the top part in order to enjoy a fresh and trendier hairstyle. Spikes are easier to style on naturally straight hair.funky spiky hairstyle for women 2016Short Funky Bob Hairstyle

Funky bobs with some asymmetrical touches or sharp razor cuts are the latest innovative hairstyles in the limitless world of the short style. It goes without saying that the face framing strands longer from the back part hair are the loveliest styles for thin hair. They are achieved by the same technique as the inverted bobs and look very powerful. Those who like contrasting combinations may mix curls with straight strands.short funky bob hairstyle 2016Funky Pixie Hairstyle

Even the simplest bright hair color is able to highlight the edgy nature of your pixie cut. Take examples from celebrities who rock various pixie cuts in bold and vibrant hair colors. According to your skin tone you can opt for a hue which also compliments your eyes. However, when the thing is about unusual hair colors such as pink, yellow, rainbow or other, you are supposed to go for the most flattering option for your haircut.funky pixie hairstyle 2016Funky Asymmetrical Haircut

What about a glamorous funky asymmetrical haircut? It can be long or short depending on your current hairstyle and taste. Asymmetrical haircuts are the most popular styles in the fashion industry. They are met almost everywhere from the runway to the streets. Those who want to highlight the beauty of their new asymmetrical haircut may dye it in a two-tone or multi-tone hair colors.funky asymmetrical hairstyle for women 2016Two-Tone Funky Hairstyle

Two-tone hair colors are possible to create in several cool ways but the best way is to add a charming shade to your natural hair color. It helps you to have a fantastic hairstyle and an embraced new shade at the same time. Opt for a hair color that best works with your base shade, the chosen funky haircut and complexion. Don’t forget about the balance and if you are not sure of the style you’d better consult with a professional.two-tone funky hairstyle 2016 COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM