13 Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles for 2024

Not every trendy haircut is suitable for round faces. Women who have such face shape should make a careful choice not to ruin their appearance. It’s quite essential to opt for a haircut which breaks down this roundness and provides you with a longer or at least oval-looking face shape. So, have a look at these medium bob hairstyles and find your style for 2024…


If bob then the angled version of it because this is the only bob style that goes with round face shapes. Being short on the back and longer in front it makes your face look different and a bit long. This is a stylish haircut for the majority of round face shaped women who want to go for a short style. If you like you can combine it with long side bangs.


As for pixie haircuts they should definitely be voluminous on the top part as short pixie bring out your face shape and highlight its structure. So, make the right choice if the thing is about pixie haircuts. Combine it with side swept bangs and keep the top part and voluminous as your hair type allows to. You can sometimes go for pompadour or spiky hairstyles to get the desired long-looking effect for your face.


There are many medium haircuts that you can match with your round face. Medium lob or layered hairstyles are very fashionable these days and they are considered as flexible haircuts for any type of hair. Mid lengths allows you to opt for different pretty hairstyles from super straight to curly. If you want a trendy and flexible haircut for your round face then mid length is for you.


In case you like your long locks and want to showcase its charm you’d better add some fresh layered cuts and go for the trendy side pulled hairstyles. Avoid center parting because it only highlights the roundness of your face shape. Instead discover the charm of side swept straight or curly hairdos which are very feminine, elegant and attractive.


When it comes to bang hairstyles for round faces one should know that there are dos and don’ts for this case. So, round face shapes look prettier with side swept and short straight bangs. You can also go for heavy and textured fringes but avoid long straight and center parted bangs which accentuate your face shape.