Cute and Trendy Hairstyles For Black Teen Girls

Hairstyle defines a human’s personality, particularly when he/she is a teen. Having a unique hairstyle that flatters face features, helps a teen girl gain more confidence and present herself in the best way. Indeed, a hairstyle is the most important part of one’s image so choosing it carefully is must. When it comes to black teens, they have plenty of hairstyle options because of their unique texture. So, here we have selected some cute hairstyles for black teen girls.


It is the most iconic hairstyle among black girls. Teens with thick and long hair will definitely rock the look. However, the carefree look of these twists is super adorable. In case of you have short hair, simply go for Marley twists to replicate the look. The advantage of rocking dreadlocks is that they are also protective so you don’t have to damage your locks to achieve a mind-blowing hair design.Cornrows Braids

Cornrows provide with a classic and elegant Afro-American look that will definitely keep you in the center of attention. Just like dreadlocks and box braids, you can add some synthetic hair to the braids for extra length and thicknesses.To create these adorable plaits you will need some help but the final design is going to spin heads. You can draw your inspiration from this teen. Natural Hair

You can still be natural by embracing you texture. This girl shows off her incredible texture with the help of a simple twisted ponytail. If you are planning to adopt the style, we recommend giving a bit of texture and add some lovely accessories for visual interest. It’s a great hairstyle option for school girls that are tired of the strands falling down the forehead while studying.Classic Bob

This style is for ladies who are not into long hair. It is one of the simplest styles for black women and girls. If you want to have a bob like this, simply blow-dry and apply light serum to keep the hair in place. Finish the look with a round brush for extra smoothness and straightness. It’s a flattering headdress for those with round faces.Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids can also be a great option for black teen girls. They are a bit bigger version of box braids. The only difference between these two braids is that this one requires two or more braided strands to become a braid. If you are not good at braiding, simply watch some YouTube tutorials to learn the technique. COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM