6 Stunning Crown Braids You’ll Love to Slay

Crown braid hairstyles that comes from old times is now very required among famous celebrities, stylish models and fashionable women. It is also called halo or milkmaid braid and is ideal for long hair. Here you will see the most popular crown braid hairstyles for 2024. Discover the attractiveness of the elegant milkmaid plait.

#1 Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

ducth crown braid hairstyle 2016

Dutch braid is a delightful thick plait hairstyle that creates a beautiful crown on the top part of hair. It is more beautiful on highlighted hair since the braid tends to showcase the various shades of your fresh highlights. You can wear this updo at your workplace or on humid days. It can keep all your locks out of the face.

#2 French Crown Braid Hairstyle

french crown braid hairstyle 2016

If you know the principal of the French braid then you will definitely love this classy updo hairstyle. It is created just with the help of the stunning French braid. As a comfy and trendy hairdo you may often go for it in 2024.

#3 Fishtail Crown Braid Hairstyle

fishtail crown braid hairstyle 2016

Using the trendy fishtail braid you are welcome to create many attractive hairstyles. One of them is the milkmaid braid. You can go either for a single or a double fishtail braid in order to have this beautiful hairstyle. Fishtail plaits are rather festive and sophisticated.

#4 Messy Crown Braid Hairstyle

messy crown braid hairstyle 2016

Need something chic for casual days? Style a messy crown braid. Leave some cute face framing strands out of the updo and rock any braid on the top part you like. If you want you can curl or make the front strands wavy for a subtler and more casual effect. This hairstyle is requested especially among young celebrities.

#5 Two-Tone Crown Braid Hairstyle

two-tone crown braid 2016

Do you have ombre or two-tone colored hair? Show off its prettiness with a crown braid. Make a lovely meeting for your dark roots and lighter tips. They will create a fantastic two-tone effect on your top part.  This unique effect is easy to achieve due to the milkmaid braid. So, don’t waste your time and learn this style for 2024.

#6 Half Updo with Crown Braid

crown braid half updo 2016

Tired of the same half updo hairstyles? Opt for the crown braid half updo. It is more engaging and exquisite. This hairdo is both casual and formal. So, you can wear it for formal occasions too. Use a Dutch, French, fishtail or a simple braid to create a crown plait for your semi updo. COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM