9 Easy Hairstyles for Spring Break 2024

We, women are always in search of easy-do-do hairstyles. Sometimes we think that the world would really be better if we didn’t have to style our locks…However there are some cool hairstyles that require less than three minutes to style. In modern world nonchalant and unkempt hairdos are totally in trend. So you can pull off your bedhead (requires no styling) look and go out. Whether you believe or not but some effortless hairstyles look better than complicated ones. I have tried to sort out some cool easy-to-do hairstyles for 2024. Have look and get inspired from.

#1 Half Updo with Hair Clip

Have a look at this picture! Is there easier style rather than this one? What you have to do is to pull your locks back and by twisting secure with your favorite hair clip. This particular style doesn’t have to be overdone. It can be tailored both on curly and straight locks. Just use a right clipper as it is going to grab lots of attention.

#2 Braided Half Updo

Braids are the best friends of girls. A simple hairdo can be turned into something complicated with the help of a single braid. If you are good at braiding you can try out some complicated types of braids, otherwise a three-strand braid is always there to come in handy. Here is a braided half up half down hairstyle that can be created within three minutes.

#3 Bubble Pigtails

Want to add a youthful and girly touch to your entire style? Opt for a headdress like this one. The bubble pigtails are the best suited for the gym but you can pair them with your casual outfits too. To style, you should divide your locks into two sections and secure them into simple pigtails. Finish the style by sectioning each ponytail into several parts and securing with elastics.

#4 Simple Bun Hairstyle

You are looking for an easy-to-do hairstyle? Here it is. This style can be created on all hair lengths-be that short, medium or long. Well, to style pull your hair up and secure into the bun style. This updo allows you to demonstrate your color combo. The dark roots transition into a silver-grey shade towards the tips.

#5 Wavy Ponytail

Ponytails are definitely involved into the list of easy-to-do hairstyles. Of course you can opt for complicated versions but as we are talking about effortless styles, this design is the best option to go with. Well, keep the front super sleek and polish while messing up the tail. Use your comb to tease the tail.

#6 Bun For Long hair

#7 Messy Ponytail


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