11 Trendy and Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles in 2024

The most important red carpet events like the Oscars and the Golden Globe have already taken place and celebrities have already set trends in hairstyle, makeup and fashion./

#1 Gorgeous Short Hair Low Updos

2022 red carpet events were more sophisticated with a lot of elegant images and no wonder why up-do hairstyles were so often seen on the red carpet. I have prepared amazing selection of celebrity summer up-do hairstyles 2022 so if you are in need of some inspiration just take a look at these pictures and find some new ideas.

#2 Easy Dutch Braided Short Hair Styles

For summer stylists offer more flirty and feminine styles like side bun or side twist. The best idea of side bun is Any Poehler’s beautiful low bun that she wore for 2022 Golden Globes. There is nothing complicated about styling such up-do. Slightly undone hairstyle with few flyaway strands will boost your sexuality and natural beauty.

#3 Reverse Braided Buns

Another popular up-do hairstyle 2022 that will be just perfect for summer parties is cute twist up-do like the one that wore Zoe Saldana on one of the red carpet events.

#4 Ponytails For Short Hair

In order to copy her image you will need high class styling iron, hairspray and a lot of bobby pins. The most important thing about this hairstyle is to get rid of frizzy hair and make it look shiny and silky.

#5 High Bun Styles

Top knot hairstyles are of great popularity this summer and many celebrities chose similar style for red carper events. Such hairstyle is may be the easiest one that can be perfect lifesaver from bad hair days. Just pull hair up, twist in a messy knot and fix with pins. Voila, your celeb worth hairstyle is ready.

#6 Low Bun Hairstyles