Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Gone the days when undercuts were meant only for men, since nowadays they are used to provide women with trendy and stylish hairdos. Undercuts are simple designs that require cutting the hair short close to scalp or shaving it completely to add some sharp and edgy touch to the style. The fact that you can combine your undercut with various hairdos such as updos, pixies and etc. make it really unique. If you are ready to keep up with the latest trends, then have a look at women’s undercut hairstyle that I have selected.Undercut Hairstyles for WomenFancy Mohawk

A Mohawk is one of the fanciest hairstyles that are widely spread. The original version of the Mohawk requires shaving the sides but most of girls prefer to mimic shaved sides with various braided styles. This particular Mohawk also has a fancy look that comes from shaving the sides. The rest of hair is styled with a brushed back to showcase the texture of the strands.Fancy MohawkAfro Tapered Faux Hawk

Hair with this texture will always guarantee you a stylish look if you cut it right. This style requires some afro textured curls that should be tapered to create short sides and back. Apart from a creative cutting the strands also have a dark shade that is paired with few highlights.  By the way this is a great hairstyle for your casual outfits.Afro Tapered Faux HawkUndercut with Braids

The French braid and a sophisticated undercut at the back are combined to create an elegant hairstyle. The top knot adds a romantic touch to the style. The shiny dark tone of the strands is pretty eye-popping. This style is super when you really have something to show off such as tattoo designs and undercut patterns. It is a bold yet sexy look that will definitely boost your confidence.Undercut with BraidsRose Gold Pixie with Undercut

This pixie is super sharp and edgy due to the fancy undercut on the side, but it also has a gorgeous hue and a neat styling that takes it to a top-notch. The shade requires blending rose gold and blonde tones. When it comes to styling, you will need to create a simple side part and sweep the locks to the side over the forehead. You shouldn’t try to overdo it since everything here is already sophisticated.Rose Gold Pixie with UndercutDouble Knots with Undercut

Double knots form the most popular headdress of the season. Instagram is full off babes who are perfectly rocking double knots. If you want to have these knots differently then you should consider adding some razor lines on the nape of the neck. These lines will help you to spice up your look and make the knots even more trendy and stunning.Double Knots with Undercut