10 Retro Hairstyle Ideas for 2024 To Create A Vintage Look

Vintage hairstyles are very popular in Celebville and you can see numerous examples of vintage haircuts on different red carpet events. True beauty bunnies know all the secrets of looking attractive and wearing vintage hairstyle is one of them. You can also have similar gorgeous hairstyle if you get some inspiration from celebrities./



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Vintage hairstyle will be amazing option for any special occasion. The greatest thing about vintage wavy hairstyle is that it can be created on any hair length. It will look equally stunning on short and long hair so keep on hand your beauty kit with styling iron and styling products and get ready for beautiful makeover.


Vintage waves were very popular in 40s and 50s and it still continues to be hot. Marcel waves and curls look stunning on short and medium hair. It will take you less than 20 minutes to create picture perfect look. Start the styling process by straightening hair and making deep side parting. Hair parting is very important so go for deep side parting to make your glimpse more dramatic.


Next step is to style defined curls with curling iron. You can go for loose and massive waves for vintage look or Marcel waves for dramatic look. When styling curls each strand should be fixed with hairspray for long lasting style. After finishing the styling process leave hair cool down and then set waves with fingers.


More often celebrities complete vintage wavy hairstyle with shiny hair clip or brooch. Hair accessory makes vintage hairstyle even more stunning and you can also opt for this trick. Vintage up-do hairstyle is also very popular among celebs so wear wavy bun or chignon if you want to be in the center of attention.