12 Fantastic Easy Medium Haircuts to Watch Out for 2024, According to Instagram

Sunkissed, Almond hard powder and Oolaboo bronzer. I highlighted my lips with organic lipstick in the shade of Wine. Everything is available on my e-shop studiomarteena.cz, if you are interested in anything! 12 Fantastic Easy Medium Haircuts to Watch Out for 2024, According to Instagram


I really like the light, clean look, unobtrusively made-up eyes and expressive lips. What do you say about that?


Sleek, center parted and ravishing ombre colored medium haircut is a classy one for elegant women. Opt for dark brown roots and combine them with dirty blonde tips to get this stunning result. This hair color combo works with dark skin tone and tends to make your hair look visually longer.

#3medium straight ombre 2016

Here we have another dark hairstyle this time on medium length wavy hair. It’s a more voluminous hairstyle for crazy parties and for formal occasions. The fresh shades of brown and blonde are beautifully reflected on soft waves. If you like you can go for a cool middle part which will provide your hairstyle with a well-balanced and trendy look.


medium wavy ombre hair 2016

In case you want to experiment with a lighter hair color choose the blonde. In this case you combine dark ash blonde with light ash blonde shades which are highlighted with sun-kissed yellowish blondes.


This hair color works with light skin tones and with light eyes especially green eyes. Again you can opt for the stylish middle part wavy hairstyle. Loose waves will show off the highlights of your blonde hair color.


Have a look at this retro inspired hairstyle. Doesn’t it look luxurious and glamorous? The fresh dark hair color gifts it a modern touch and makes even more attractive, eye-catching and sophisticated. You can combine it with bold makeup.


I love the versatility of pastel hair colors which give us so many hair coloring ideas. Each finds the most suitable hair color for her skin tone. So, dark skinned women are welcome to go for purple hair color matching dark purple with lavender purple and women who have light skin tones can go for pink roots and blonde ends creating a subtle hairstyle. The options are many and according to your preferences you can get a unique medium pastel hairstyle.


medium pastel ombre 2016

Black women who have medium length dark hair can beautify and refresh it with red. All you need is just dying the ends of your hair in a deep red shade.