15 Stununing Before and After Hairstyles You Won’t Believe

Hurry up to find out how to create new haircuts for 2024 and become the owner of the best hairstyle. For winter  or spring new hairstyle is may be the best one as it looks so cute, natural and ethereal. Moreover, this is the best no heat hairstyle that can be created on any hair texture without any difficulties. Still don’t know how to create new haircut for 2024? Let’s find out several easy ways for new short haircuts./


As short and medium hair is perfect for 2024 it should be easy-to-do and what is more important it should be styled without using styling iron. The most popular trick for creating short & Medium hair is braiding. There is nothing easier than braiding hair!


In order to create flawless look you should first wash hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Pat hair with towel but never blow dry otherwise hair will loose natural glossy effect. Here comes the most important part; divide hair into two sections and create simple French braids. You can leave braids overnight for more defined waves or simply keep them for an hour and unplait braids.



Another popular trick to create sexy waves is salt spray. This kind of spray will have an effect of sea water on hair. This tip is just perfect for the owners of natural curly or wavy hair. All you need to do is to wash hair, pat with towel and leave it until hair is damp. At last, spritz salt spray to hair from the roots to the edges. The result will be fantastic.