16 Hottest Medium Hairstyles for a Dramatic Change in 2024

Half updo hairstyle is a way to keep your hair out of your face without any formality.  Half up half down hairstyles are proper for formal and casual outfits. If you are seeking for a way to change up your everyday look then you should pay attention to the following medium hairstyles for 2024.


You can go for experiments in order to explore the best style which suits you the most. I truly love bohemian inspired half updos while many other girls prefer a bow half updos. There are really various ways to upgrade your look. Just check the following half up half down hairstyles and get inspired


A simple twist has a power to make your hairstyle outstanding and eye-catching. So, all you need is to take a section from both sides and twist partly. There is no need to make the ends of twists meet at the back of your head. Twist partly then secure with bobby pins. In this case it is preferable to keep your hair in a curly style.


knotted half updo for 2016

A simple knot has gain popularity both among men and women. Just take a part of your hair and tie on the top of your head. It is as simple as tying your shoes. The rest of hair can be either straight or wavy. The following look is recommended to combine with casual outfits. It will not take from you more than two minutes to achieve this hairstyle. Since knotted half updos are effortless, they are chosen by women who have a busy routine.


Braid works everywhere! Even your half updo can be braided in various ways according to your preferences. You can start breading from the top or the sides. Braid partly and let your waves fall gently down! Leave some cute strands on your face for a flattering look! Thus, medium-length haircut is neither long nor short and it is not going to annoy you in hot weathers.


messy half up half down hairstyle
Messy half up half down hairstyle

This will be the easiest ‘do that you have ever sported. It is a bit in messy style which is proper for casual looks. Just pull your strands back from both sides and tie with a head band or pin with bobby pins. This girlish yet sexy hairstyle is possible to create in three minutes. Keep your focus on hair accessories.


cool half updo

If you are looking for a little complicated half updos then the following example is for you. Not all girls know that their hair can serve as a real accessory because with the help of their own locks they can get flowers, bows etc. By the way, if you are not good at styling then probably you need to call your hairstylist in order to copy this look, but I assure you that it is worth to compliment your locks with a floral half updo.

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