2021 Spring’s Best Casual Teenage Hairstyles

There is an exciting period for girls called teenage. This is perhaps the period of our life that makes us crazy and changes our way of thing, taste and style.  It’s the right time to discover who you are what you should do in this life. Meanwhile we also think of our signature style and cool appearance. We do everything to impose the guy we like and to differ from the rest. We try out various haircuts and hairstyles to find the most flattering option for our face shape. But since trends are changeable we are supposed to follow the rules of the fashion.  Today I would like to share some fascinating and cute casual hairstyle ideas for teens to use in spring 2021. It’s the right time to use the stylish hair accessories that we like so much.teenage hairstyles spring 2016Wavy Half-Updo Hairstyle

The firs hairstyle that you see is the simple wavy half-updo which you can get by curling tools on your medium to long hair. Those who have fresh layers are welcome to rock the best loose waves on their hair. In case your hair is naturally wavy eave it the way it is and beautify with a bright-colored bow hair clipper. Don’t forget about the harmonious matching between the hair color and the accessory.2016 half updo with bowLoose Wavy Hairstyle

For my short and medium-haired girls there is an ethereal hairstyle to try in spring 2021. It is the trendy loose wavy hairstyle. In order to keep it natural you should first of all go for tight curls and then run your fingers through the curls to style looser waves. Then shale your head and spray light hair spray for a bit of volume and shag. Rock it the way it is or wear a pretty headband, large bobby pin on the side or any other trendy accessory.loose waves for teenage 2016Side Braid Hairstyle

You know what is the difference between a feminine and girlish hairstyle? Girlish hairstyles highlight your youthful and playful nature, while feminine hairdos make you look hotter and seductive. In order to keep your innocent girlish look opt for side braid hairstyles and special for a feminine touch frame your face with long loose bangs. This is a great combo of attractive hairstyles.side braid for spring 2016Scarf Updo Hairstyle

Time have changed and today women use scarves as trendy hair accessories. From now on we want to use using your colorful silky scarves as headbands for casual messy updo hairstyles. Math them with the rest of your outfits and accessories and opt for a subtle makeup. Showcase the retro style with a modern twist.scarf updo for teenage 2016Ponytail Hairstyle with Ribbon

And where is your mother’s old casket? Open it up and take out the subtle ribbons. Use them as ponytail ties because now we are admired by the loose, simple and chic low ponytail hairstyles. These delicate hairstyles help us to enhance our prettiness and subtleness.ponytail with ribbon 2016