9 Gorgeous Hairstyles With Bangs for 2024

Bang hairstyles are of great popularity nowadays and there are zillion stylish haircuts completed with different styles of bangs. It can be massive blunt bang, layered side bang or  funky asymmetric bang!.

#1 Curtain Bangs

But today I don’t want to talk about trendy bang hairstyles or types of bangs, instead I will show you some styling ideas on how to wear growing bang.

#2 Piecey Swide-Swept Bangs

If you have got a bang and you want to change your image and get rid of it, the only way is to be patient and wait until it grows out. For now, you can learn some ideas on how to style bang so that you will have flawless look.

#3 Shaggy Bangs

First style that you can experiment with is to wear bang blended in long layers. This style will look more elegant with wavy hair. Deep side parting will add vintage vibe to your image. All you need is tiny amount of hair wax or texturizer.

#4 Retro Shag

Once your bang is long enough you can style it sleek or backcombed. The only thing that can make you feel discomfort is short layers. You can deal with them with styling gel but make sure you do not apply too much product otherwise hair will look greasy.

#5 Lengthy Bangs

Another great option to hide long bang is to braid it. Braided bang hairstyle looks smashing especially for summer. You can combine it with any up-do hairstyle or just leave hair loose with side braided bang.

#6 Long Curtain Bangs

#7 Short and Shaggy