12 Trendy Women’s Long Hairstyles for 2024

Prep your super long hair for coming summer with few lifesaving guidelines that will help you to create stunning look for your own. You will not have to turn to pro hairdresser to have desired look, just keep on reading this post and find out the hottest long hairstyles for 2024./

#1Long Hairstyles for 2012


center parted curly hairstyle


bouncy curls

Long hairstyle can become a real accessory if only you have healthy hair. Before thinking of new hairstyle you’d better take care of your tresses with the help of homemade hair remedies as well high class hair care formulas that will help you to deal with hair problems.


defined curly hairstyle 2012


long_wavy_hairstyle 2012


vintage wavy hairstyle


glam long wavy hairstyle

Talking about latest hairstyles trends for long hair I must say that hair gurus and beauty bunnies choose wavy hairstyles, so forget about super sleek and polished hairstyles and opt for more relaxed bouncy curls and waves. Indeed, curly hairstyle emphasizes your femininity and sensuality in the best way and will be perfectly suitable for summer. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out the following chic long hairstyles ideas for 2024 summer and practice your skills to recreate desired look.


It is really easy to create curly or wavy hairstyle even if you have poker straight hair. The only thing you will need is high quality curling iron or hot rollers. Do not try to create defined curls and waves, instead opt for more natural messy style by tousling hair with fingers.


If you still want to wear super sleek hairstyle, you can complete your do with blunt cut bang that will vamp up your look in a flash. Style your locks with flat iron and do not forget to finish the look with shine serum for blinding gloss.