11 Most Popular Medium Hairstyle Inspiration for 2024

The most common haircut for women is short cut style that looks neat and polished. However, if you long for versatility and texture, you should grow out your hair and wear midi haircut. Medium hairstyle is great option to create elegant style and next moment transform it to more relaxed and funky one. Do not even think that you will look less masculine with medium hairstyle. Furthermore, midi haircut will frame your face and highlight your best features…


Recently medium haircut has become very popular among celebs so if you are in need of some inspiration, you can check out the latest red carpet events or search the web to find trendy medium hairstyles for women. You can also get inspiration from this selection of trendy midi hairstyles for 2024 and choose the most suitable one for your personality!


In order to create well groomed and elegant look choose sleek side swept hairstyle. Such style will be perfectly suitable for office and formal outfit and you will not need special styling skills to create desired look. If you have sleek hair you can simply add hair wax and style hair with fingers. Those who have wavy hair can first blow dry hair and then apply hair wax to set the style.


Layering is fabulous trick to add movement to thick and bulky hair. Choppy layered midi will look smashing when styled super sleek or tousled. You can create messy style in less than five minutes. All you need is to apply texturizer or styling gel and tousle crops with fingers.


Stylish bang is next best trick to create trendy look. Long bang style will look really funky when styled both super sleek and spiky. The only thing you should do is to find the one suitable for your face shape.