These 10 Medium Haircuts for Women That’ll Be Huge in 2024

Women warm up their complexions and hair colors in 2024 But since trends change every year we should find out a new shade for the coming summer. These 9 lovely haircuts are the best options for any lady who wants to switch up her look. We have done a careful choice for blondes, brunettes and redheads equally. The only thing you need to do is to make the right choice for your complexion. So, check out the best red, blonde and brunette hair color ideas for this year and pull off a trendy, glossy and brand new hue. These 10 Medium Haircuts for Women That’ll Be Huge in 2024


Women who have ever tried out the warm strawberry blonde hair color will definitely confess that it makes to fall in love with it. Actually strawberry blonde is not a pure red ad not a pure blonde that’s why it apples to the majority of ladies who seek for a reddish blonde shade. In spite of having the reddish touch in it, it still looks very light and natural. Light complexions with light or a bit dark eye hues perfectly go with strawberry blonde hair…


The sun-kissed and shiny ash blonde which can also have platinum blonde highlights in it is a great hair color for natural blondes. While you may choose the matte ash blonde for winter, sunny ash replaces it in summer. It tends to sparkle under the rays of the sun and looks so glossy both in straight and wavy hairstyles. The best skin tones for sunny ash blondes are light to medium and the flattering eye hues vary from blue to green.


My posh brunettes looking for a warmer and fresher brunette hair color are welcome to opt for the subtle light brown. Now we say goodbye to the dark shades and open the doors for the lighter brown hair colors. With the help of some caramel highlights you can make your light brown richer and warmer. This hair color compliments medium to tanned and olive skin tones and looks natural with brown eyes.



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Be it light or dark copper is an ideal shade of red for summer. Today it is very popular and we are not amused by the tendency of wearing such an eye-catching hair color like a real redhead. Lighter shades of copper red seem to be natural gingers and go well with light complexions that which have pink undertones ad compliment light eyes. Darker shades work with medium skin tones and reddish undertones and look good with green eyes.



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For those who lie to combine dark and light hair colors there’s the trendy melting ombre. Compared with common ombre hair colors melting ombres are subtler and more ravishing. They are achieved by two tones of the same hair colors or are cute combinations of shades which are closer to each other in their hues. The roots are usually in warm browns which gradually lighten up and become blondes at the tips creating the desired meting effect.







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