Right Ways to Tease Hair


Big and voluminous hairstyle is a dream of most women especially of those with straight and flat hair. Common hair disaster like hair loss can also make hair look thin and flat and again the desire to have extra voluminous hairstyle becomesĀ unattainable.Still nowadays there are numerous ways to give hair extra volume and create an illusion of thick hair. The most popular and easiest way to boost the volume of hair instantly is hair teasing. This trick doesn’t require professional skills still there are some dos and don’t about hair teasing. It is very important to know right ways to tease hair otherwise you can damage roots and at the end face the problem of hair thinning.

how to tease hairbig hair failure

First thing to keep in mind is not to tease hair when it is tangled. Moreover, make sure hair is completely dry and only after that you can start teasing hair. So what are the steps to have smashing hair volume? Let’s start from the beginning.

After washing hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner towel dry hair and blow dry by lifting the roots with round brush. This trick will also make hair look voluminous. Make sure hair is completely dry and then go on teasing hair.

Separate hair into sections and start teasing from the lower sections and go on to the crown. Try to take small sections and do not try too hard, otherwise you can damage hair. For long lasting effect you can fix sections with hairspray but remember that when brushing hair it will be much more difficult when tresses are styled with hairspray.

There are some common mistakes that women do when teasing hair. Mostly women take too much hair as one section for teasing. If you do so, hairstyle will not last long. Be gentle with hair because too much teasing can bring to fatal disaster.

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