2024 Top Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

Blonde is the most playful shade that every woman dreams to have. Since blonde has many hues, it is important to find the best shade to complement your skin complexion. In 2024 Hair color plays a huge role, which can either destroy or upgrade your look. It is recommended to find a professional colorist who will suggest you an accurate shade. If you are a brunette and you want to transform from darker shade to light then you will need some time because only after some bleaching processes you will achieve a blonde shade. Now check out the following blonde shades for different skin types to find yours in 2024./

#1 Fair Skin Platinum Blonde

fair skin platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is so close to fair skin complexion. It is the best blonde shade that fair skin owners may sport. Many fair skin celebrities have already managed to wear this shade. While choosing a hairstyle, ensure that your facial features don’t get lost.

#2 Fair Skin with Golden Blonde

honey blonde for fair skin tone

Next blonde shade for fair skin complexion is golden hue. Who can reject wearing striking golden blonde? This shade is going to work perfect with light eyes. If you choose multidimensional mix then your blonde will look more natural.

#3 Fair Skin with Brown Blonde Shade

blonde hair color for fair skin

The blend of two basic shades such brown and blonde is going to look even better with cute buttery hair highlights. In this case darker roots are more preferable. You can also recreate this amazing look, if of course you have fair skin.

#4 Medium Skin with Platinum Blonde

medium skin tone with platinum blonde shade

Medium skin owners undoubtedly pull off the blonde shade in the best way. Modern and fashionable blonde color will bright up your medium skin complexion and show off only the best of the shade. Just try it out and you will see the result.

#5 Medium Skin with Honey Blonde

kim Kardashian honey blonde

If you have a medium skin complexion, it is recommended to wear honey blonde shade with darker roots. The most popular reality star Kim Kardashian used to wear this rich shade with dark roots. So take her picture as the best example and go ahead with it.

#6 Dark Skin with Buttery Blonde

black women beyonce with honey blonde

It is not surprising anymore to see how black women rock blonde shades. According to the most popular hair colorists everything should be in balance so here darker roots balance blonde shade and makes it an excellent choice for women who have dark skin.

#7 Dark Skin with Golden Blonde

Dark Skin with Golden Blonde

Next suggestion for women who have dark skin complexion is golden blonde. Golden blonde with darker roots is going to look natural. I assure you that brown roots with not let you become washed-out.

#8 Dark Roots

#9 Pixie 

#10 Long Blonde Hairstyle

#11 Light Blonde for Medium Hair

#12 Dark Roots Light Ends