8 Cherry Red Hair Color Ideas for 2024

After the rich burgundy hair color came the trendy Marsala shade. It is named after the popular Sicilian wine and seems to become big trend for 2024. Many more women get attracted by the glamorous, shiny and hot reflection of this hair color. It makes you fall in love with it from the first sight. Today we’ll discuss the most ravishing and astounding Marsala hair color for 2024./So, as I have already mentioned above the name of this hair color comes from the dark red wine like the burgundy hair color. It seems as if you have washed your hair with wine and it remained on your hair with this flattering effect…


Marsala hair color 2016

Marsala hair color is a dark red shade with rich plum undertones which make the effect even shinier and even more fabulous. Big fans of red hair colors will definitely like this trend. It goes with different skin tones from light to dark and works both with light and dark eyes. It is trendy not only in hair color palette but also in stylish makeups and outfits.


Marsala hair color short hair 2016

So, rock the delightful Marsala shade in 2024 with all its hues and effects. It is sophisticated, luxurious, elegant and very eye-catching at the same time. You will refresh your hair be it short or long and will get a mysterious look. Now let’s discuss Marsala hair color and skin tones.

Marsala hair color 2016

Since light skin tones become even more highlighted and flashy with dark shades you can bring out the charm of your light complexion with fresh Marsala hair color. It will enhance the beauty of your cool skin tone and will make your eyes sparkle beautifully. If you also have light eyes then they will surely pop out in their most beautiful way.


Marsala hair color for light skin 2016

Darker skin tones create gorgeous combinations with dark red hair colors. As for the glamorous Marsala hair color it is perfect for dark skin tones and dark eyes. You will have an astounding and hotter look. Brunettes who have olive skin tones and want to update their hair color are welcome to rock a stunning Marsala shade in 2024.


marsala hair color idea for 2016

Redheads who need to go for a darker red hair color can also experiment with the Marsala hair color. They can get the desired effect easier and quicker. Blondes may like to go for Marsala lowlights or highlights instead of a full transformation.