Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2021

red ombre hair 2016Light Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Dye your roots in a nice shade of light blonde and gradually lighten it up on the tips. This is one of the subtlest blonde hair colors that you can rock on short haircuts too. The tender blonde hues go with medium to light skin tones.light blonde ombre 2016Medium Brown Ombre Hair Color

Here you see a neutral example of an ombre hair color. It is the medium brown ombre creating which you need to combine light and a bit warmer brown shades. They best work with medium complexions and go with brown eyes. It is great on medium and long hairstyles (both straight and wavy).warm brown ombre hair color 2016Dark Ombre Hair Color

In order to achieve the desired dark ombre hair color you should go for dark brown roots and light brown ends. This looks nice with dark complexions but women who have light skin tones and warm brown eyes can also experiment with it to darken up their complexion. Dark ombre has an incredible shine which is best felt on straight hairstyles.dark ombre hair 2016Black to Turquoise Ombre

Lately the use of the turquoise color as a hair shade is becoming quite common. Now we are not surprised with black and turquoise ombre hair colors which are good choices for dark skinned women. The greenish blue hues ideally go with dark brown and black hair colors and looks perfect on long haircuts as well as on short bob green ombre 2016Pastel Ombre Hair Color

Now I will offer unique pastel ombre styles; pastel pink with blonde, dark purple with lavender, dark green with mint green, deep blue with sky blue and ash blonde with grey. There are many more ideas that you can use while creating a flashy pastel ombre hair color. If you like you can combine two different pastel shades.pastel ombre hair color 2016