Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas

If you are looking for a new makeover, then dark purple hue can help you to achieve the best result. The way to wear it is up to you, since there are many options available for all ladies. This tone flatters almost all skin tones. The best thing about dark purple tone is that it creates a fabulous combination with many other hues. If you need inspiration, have a look at these dark purple hair color ideasDark Purple Hair Color IdeasGrey and Purple Hair Color

Could you imagine that purple and grey shades may create a gorgeous look like this one? The silver-grey is the dominant shade that has been enhanced with the help of incredible purple strikes. The contrast created by silver and violet hues makes this headdress super trendy and ultra feminine. To finish the look, style your strands into sumptuous waves.Grey and Purple Hair ColorLong Purple Tresses

If you are brave enough, go all over purple. As you see dark purple tone doesn’t always have to be pale. Here the colorist has used the balayage technique to make it a bit brighter. To show off this incredible dye job you just need to pull your hair back. Before going for this purple shade make sure that it is going to flatter your skin complexion.Long Purple TressesBrown Purple Waves

These beautiful waves involve three shades and it is one of the reasons that this headdress is so elegant and feminine. However it is a great option for all modern ladies. The color comes from brown and transitions into dark purple hue finishing with the hint of blue. With these colors you don’t need to think about styling since simple side swept waves will be more than enough.Brown Purple WavesBlue Black to Gray with Hint of Purple

We are truly in love with multi-tonal headdress like this one. This hairdo has a blue-black shade that is used to color the most part of the strands. However, it then transitions into gray tone on the tips and creates a gorgeous ombre pattern. But these strands wouldn’t look complete without purple hues and this is what makes the overall color combo unique and eye-grabbing.Blue Black to Gray with Hint of PurpleDark Purple Pixie

We all know that pixie haircuts are just fantastic and super feminine. Any hair color will look gorgeous on this cut but if you want to give your pixie a top-notch look then consider unique shades such as this dark purple tone. If you like it, you will need to blend your natural black shade with dark purple to make your pixie more adorable.Dark Purple Pixie