8 Stunning Red Hairstyles You’ll See in 2022

Red hair color comes up with so many hues. This rich hair color palette is refreshed time to time and the shades that professional hair colorists offer us are just incredible. This time we will speak not only about red hair colors but also the hairstyles that showcase the beauty of these hues. Here are the hottest trendy red hairstyles for 2022. I have already fallen in love with some of them and I am sure you are going to be attracted by the ways red hair color is reflected on different haircuts and hairstyles.

Ginger Waves

ginger red waves 2016

Ginger waves are the most natural-looking red hairstyles. They give you the chance to rock a super girlish and cute look. Relaxed waves beautifully bring out the shine of the warm ginger red hair colors. They best go with light complexions that have rosy undertones and compliment green eyes.

Copper Red Curly Haircopper red curly hair 2016

Women who have natural curls and want to highlight their prettiness can dye them in the ravishing copper red hair color. There are dark and light copper shades among which you can take the one that compliments your skin tone and eye color. Actually copper red goes with light skin tones and tends to warm up cool complexions. It is beautiful both with blue and green eyes.

Long Fiery Red Hairstylelong fiery red hair 2016

Fiery red is a bit dark shade of red but is again very warm and eye-catching. Fiery red hair color is the favorite shade of dark-skinned women. They change the darkness of their hair into brightness with the help of fiery red hair colors. This hair color is astounding especially on long straight, ponytail and side parted curly hairstyles.long fiery red hair

Burgundy Red Retro Hairstyle

We call it retro but it’s rather modern hairstyle thanks to the trendy burgundy hair color, burgundy red is a dark red shade and goes with many skin tones. You’d better often style your locks into voluminous retro hairstyle to be in a perfect glamorous look. This shade is very rich and hot.burgundy red retro hairstyle 2016


Marsala Red Updo Hairstyle

marsala red updo hair

Marsala red is the trendiest wine-y red hair color for 2022. It is so inspiring in its atatrctive dark red shades. This hair color is closer to burgundy red and works with light and dark complexions equally. Marsala red makes light eyes pop out and compliments dark eye hues. It brings out light skin tones and perfectly goes with dark complexions. You may often wear elegant updo hairstyles to create a darker and richer effect for your fresh and seductive hair color.Short Red Hairstyle

short red haircut 2016

It goes without saying that the most dramatic looks are created with short haircuts and vibrant hair colors. If you have a short haircut and want to make it more interesting you can dye it into a bright red hair color according to your skin tone. Try to be different in 2022 with our brand new red hairstyle.