Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2021

flaxen blonde hair color 2016Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

For brunettes who are in a search of a new and trendy brown hair color here is the dark ash brown. If we are recommended to take warmer browns for summer then hair colorist have added dark ash brown in the list of winter hair colors. This hair color is ideal for natural brunettes and goes with many skin tones. It works well with brown, black and green eyes.dark ash brown hair color for 2016Sombre Hair Color

Actually sombre hair colors are more preferable for winter than ombres because these shades create a natural-looking effect and sparkle on wavy hairstyles. You can find the most suitable sombre hair color for your complexion. Go for the shades which are cooler and lighter in their hues. Combine light blondes with light brows to achieve a delicate sombre shade.blonde sombre hair color for winter 2016Soft Black Hair Color

Jet and shiny black is perfect for summer as it shines beautifully under the rays of the sun. But when it comes to winter matching shades we opt for softer black hair colors. They have matter effect and look very natural. Both blondes and brunettes can dye their locks in soft black hair colors. They will compliment dark complexions and will highlight lighter skin tones and eyes.soft black hair color 2016Caramel Bronde Hair Color

Since caramel hair colors are incredible mixtures of dirty blonde and light brown shades they work almost with all skin tones. This warm shade goes with brown eyes and looks very pretty with green and hazel eye hues. It is so attractive on straight and loose wavy hairstyles.caramel bronde hair color 2016