Balayage Hair Highlighting for Summer 2022

Summer is all about bright and glamorous colors and the best way to stay on trend is to opt for new hair color. For summer hair gurus offer ombre hairstyle that will be perfect complement to sun kissed skin. For 2022 stylists have special offer; balayage hair highlighting that is going to be more popular than ombre hairstyle. If  you do not know what balayage hair highlighting is and how it looks like, just take a look at those pictures.


The greatest advantage of balayage hair highlighting is that it looks so natural. Due to special coloring technique the transition of colors is totally unnoticeable. Known mostly as hair painting, balayage highlighting is very popular in almost all hair salons.

If you are not professional you will not see difference between ombre hairstyle and balayage. The only thing that can help you is that hair painting looks more natural with barely seen light strands.

balayage-hair-highlights hair-highlights-with-balayage 2013

Balayage hair highlighting was very popular in 80’s and this year it made a huge comeback. Many celebs have got similar hair color and you can always get a dose of inspiration form beauty bunnies.

Unlike ombre hair color that can be done at home, balayage hair highlighting needs more practice and professional skills so if you want to have flawless look you’d better stay away from experiments. Ombre hairstyle is also called lowlights where only edges are bleached while balayage is light strands spread all over hair.

celebrity balayage-highlightsbalayage-highlights summer 2013