Edgy Hair Highlights to Try in 2021

silver highlights for hair 2016

Vibrant Hair Highlightsvibrant hair highlights 2016The rich hair color palette often offers us vibrant hues but we generally omit them and opt for classy and neutral shades. But what if they are the most eye-catching colors for your hair? Perhaps all you need is a few vibrant highlight on hair to be in the center of attention. You can take blue, green, orange, pink, purple neon shades to bring out the beauty of your hairstyle. If you have a short haircut then add them on the front locks and on bangs and women with long tresses can go for dip-dying techniques.
neon highlights for hair 2016Pastel Hair Highlights

Pastel hair colors are the prettiest and the most delicate shades of all hues. They are ideal for light base hair colors and tend to add a sophisticated, feminine and playful touch. The refined lavender, light pink, admirable mint green and airy sky-blue are all the lovely pastel hues which you can use as hair highlights. Those who want to opt for a temporary dying which will last only a few days can go for chalk coloring. There are special hair chalks in any shade you like which allow you to highlight your hair the way you like. After washing tresses with a shampoo the shades fade away immediately.pastel highlights for hair 2016Red and Violet Hair Highlights

The combination of dark hair colors with red, violet, purple or burgundy highlights is the most scrumptious and ritzy style. This makes hair shine beautifully and tends to gift it a healthier look. With the right matching of shades and complexion you will get the desired stunning effect. Since these are very bright hair colors you should definitely use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner to keep the fresh and splendid effect.Red Violet and Purple Highlights 2016

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