Newest Hair Highlights Ideas for 2022 Summer

2012 subtle hair highlights

It is already proved that multi tonal hair color is the hottest trend for last as well as new season. One tone hair color is no longer preferable; instead unimaginable color combo will break the monotony and complete your brand new haircut.

When it comes to hair color, one can find infinite shades for any taste and preference. Thanks to modern hair coloring techniques and products you can adopt any image so all you need is to be open minded and creative to find the best style for your beautiful transformation. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at newest hair highlights ideas for 2022 summer and pick the most beloved one for you.

2014 blonde hair highlights

2014 magenta hair highlights

2014 purple hair highlights

2014 red_hair_highlights

Summer hairstyles and haircuts trends are more natural. In this case too hair colors are more natural. Take into consideration warm and subtle shades that will add extra volume and movement to your hairstyle. Choose highlight color that is two tones lighter or darker than the base tone. If you have brown hair color you can brighten up your look with golden blonde or subtle red highlights.

2014 subtle hair highlights

2014 multi tonal hair color

dark hair color and highlights

natural hair highlights 2014

If you long for some drama, forget about natural and subtle colors and choose vibrant shades that will spice up your look. Get ready to keep all eyes on you with your purple, pink, orange, or fiery red hair color.

Highlights style is as important as hair color so think twice before choosing the style. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can spread thin highlights all over your hair, while for more eye catching look opt for chunky highlights and paneling. Dip dyeing style and lowlights are the newest and the hottest styles for true beauty bunnies and celebs.

It is not so easy to maintain new hair color and if you do not take care of it, your hairstyle will soon look dull and lifeless. The best option to keep your tresses and hair color in perfect condition is to include deep conditioning and moisturizing to your hair care routine. Hair glaze and gloss is next best option to add intense color to hair.

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2014 light hair highlights

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