Half-Shaved Edgy Hairstyles Ideas 2022

It will not be wise to mention all the styles and forget about half-shaved haircuts 2022 that have become very popular recently. Actually half-shaved hairstyle can be considered classy as it the style of punks and those who like alternative hairstyles.

Mohawk hairstyle 2014

If you are not afraid of dramatic changes and want to make a dazzling style statement with your brand new do, you should definitely opt for half-shaved hairstyle. Get some inspiration from these examples half-shaved edgy hairstyles for 2022 and pick the best one for your transformation.

half-shaved haircuts 2014

The most popular style is Mohawk hairstyle that will be suitable for both girls and boys. Here the sides are almost shaved while the upper section and bang is left longer.

sleek side hairstyle

The length of upper section depends on your preference; you can leave it shorter for less edgy look and style it spiky while for bolder look combine shaved sides with super long hair.

If you want to have modern look and still are not ready for dramatic makeover, you can simply create cornrows on both sides that will look sexy and trendy. There are zillion ideas of cornrows so that you will surely find the best style.

You can also place shaved sections on hairline and transform your hairstyle from elegant and neat one to more edgy tousled style. The only thing you should do is to be open minded and ready for changes.

edgy half shaved hairstyle

Last haircut to be mentioned is super sexy half-shaved hairstyle where one side is shaved while the other is left longer.

This haircut has become very popular among celebs so if you want to have celeb worth look, you can bravely opt for such haircut. Once you create half-shaved hairstyle, style longer locks wavy or sleek and complete your image with chic earrings.