Lovely Hairstyles for Round Faces 2022

Everyone has unique features like round or oval face shape and the secret of having elegant look is to find proper haircut for face shape. Ladies who have oval face shape can wear any hairstyle from super short crop cut style to long curly hairstyle. While ladies who have round, square and heart-shaped face should think twice before choosing new haircut.

Hairstyles for Round Faces 2021

medium haircut for round face

Ladies who want to look slimmer will not have to turn to diets, all they need is proper hairstyle that will have face framing effect and make it look slimmer. If you also want to have slim face without any surgery, check out these examples of lovely hairstyles for round faces 2022 and pick the best one for your personality.

layered hair for round face shape

midi haircuts for round faces

side bang for round face 2021

lovely hairstyle for round face shape

The most important detail that will help you to create desired look is layering. Soft graduated layers will beautifully frame your face and create an illusion of oval face shape. The only thing to keep in mind is that the length of layers should not be too short. Medium layered hairstyle is the best alternative for ladies with round face shape. Again, try to avoid short bob and chin length bob haircut.  Long hairstyle is next best option that will make your face look slimmer. Layered side bang will be smashing complement to your long hairstyle.

Proper haircut is not the only condition of having attractive look. Once you wear new haircut you should learn few styling tricks that will help you to create face slimming style. First, keep in mind that tight curls will add width to your round cheeks so avoid wearing curly hairstyle, instead style your hair soft wavy or straight. Next, add volume to the crown area to elongate your face and create an illusion of oval face. At last, pro stylists offer you to add few highlights to your natural hair and thus placing the accent on your haircut.