Modern & Edgy Hairstyles 2022

Latest trends of haircuts are mixture of classy and ultra-modern haircuts so that anyone can find the most suitable one that will highlight personality and lifestyle. Hair gurus have created zillion haircuts that are perfect reflection of today’s tendencies so if you want to become a real trendsetter, leave behind classy hairstyles and opt for edgy haircut. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out this hot selection of modern and crazy hairstyles 2022 and pick the most beloved style for your dramatic makeover.

crazy hairstyles 2021

edgy mohawk hairstyle 2021

You can create crazy style on any hair length be it super short or long hair. The best hairstyle that will add edgy and funky touch to your image is Mohawk haircut that will be suitable not only for girls but also for boys. The length of Mohawk depends only on your preference; you can opt for shorter haircut with spikes or keep your hair longer for more dramatic look. The most important thing about this haircut is high class styling gel that will provide you with long lasting and perfect spikes.

half shaved crazy hairstyle

bold undercut hairstyle

Next best trick that will add edgy and crazy twist to your haircut is combination of long and super short crops. You can wear half shaved hairstyle where hair is kept longer on one side and almost shaved on the other. Recently such hairstyle has become very popular among celebs and I must say that this style looks really crazy. You can alsowear  undercut hairstyle that doesn’t look so edgy and dramatic.

crazy voluminous hairstyle

extra voluminous hairstyle

The above mentioned styles are suitable for shorter hair but if you are not ready so kiss goodbye to your long locks and still want to create crazy hairstyle, you can easily reach desired image without changing hair length. Extra voluminous hairstyle is the best trick to create edgy and modern look. All you need is hair sponges, stronghold hairspray and some bobby pins. Such hairstyle needs special styling skills so be patient and you will soon be able to create the craziest hairstyle of all times.