10 Gorgeous Before and After Hair Transformations to Look Younger

Dark roots that remind us of a cute mini-ombre style are now very requested. They are worn by brunettes and blondes as well as by redheads and tend to make your hair color more interesting and richer in shades. Today’s post is devoted to stylish hair colors with dark roots for 2024. Of you want to refresh your hair color then don’t miss this article.

The first one that I want to offer you for 2024 is the natural-looking light brown hair color with dark brown roots. This subtle combination full of warm shades is ideal for long haircuts. It is so delicate and goes with medium to dark skin tones as well as with particular light complexions. You can match dark roots with your dark eye hue to get a well-balanced effect.

Dark roots are cool on any kind of light hair and blonde is the most common light hue that women have. Even if you don’t want to change your natural blonde shade you can highlight it with dark brown or black roots. These dark hues create an incredible contrast with platinum blonde, sun-kissed buttery blonde and golden blonde hair colors and compliment ash blonde shades.

Black women who look for a trendy hair coloring idea for their dark hair may opt for the fiery red shade. It is great for dark skin tones and in order to make it well-balanced you can keep your roots dark. Dark roots are perfect with dark eyes and work with deep red hair colors.

On of the most popular combinations in hair coloring world is the black and turquoise combination. This smashing shade of green is ideal with dark black roots. They create a nice ombre style full of various green hues. Turquoise hair color is often chosen by women who have medium to dark skin tones and therefore it is very harmonious with dark roots which also compliment dark eyes.

It goes without saying that trendy silver hair color or the popular granny hair looks more fascinating with dark roots. Instead of wearing a monotone shade of grey you can opt for dark roots and lighter tips. This option is astounding in its reflection and style and is good for any type of complexion.

Though here the color separation is not as visible as in the case of blonde or lighter hair colors but the sophisticated effect is touchable enough. You can opt for this hair color idea if you have dark eyes. Purple hair color with dark roots works almost with all skin tones and is a fashionable bold hair color for 2024.

Mint green, sky blue, lilac or light pink are the pastel hair colors which can be beautified with dark roots. If you compare monotone pastel hair color with the options which are combined with dark roots you will see how eye-catching dark roots make these shades. They seem to bring out the delicacy of your dolly hair.