10+ Forever Celebrity Bobs You’d Love To Try In 2024

10 Forever Celebrity Bobs You’d Love To Try In 2024. The stacked bob has been trending for many years. Stacked bob is one of the coolest version of bob that can be adopted by classy women with strong character.

#1 Kendall Jenner

The crop works cool for all face shapes and hair types. If you are seeking for an unforgettable and dramatic haircut, stacked bob hairstyle is the best for you. Here I have compiled some stacked bob hairstyles for 2024. Regardless of whether you want to go for a huge commitment or you want to update your bob, these pictures will inspire you.

#2 Lucy Hale

Long bob or lob is great for ladies who want to keep some length for some hairdos. But it is not a simple lob, it is an asymmetrical lob that is great to make a fashion statement. The lob is curled but we can still see its amazing shape. When it comes to hair color, the stylist combined brown and blonde shades to create bronde. It a striking idea for females with different faces.

#3 Emily Ratajkowsky

Ready to add some edge to your style? Go wild with an undercut created on the nape of your neck. The style of your undercut is based on how much rebellious you are. The stacked bob is achieved on stick straight hair although you can style it curly and it will look equally cool. If you are a brave-heart lady go ahead with the style and make a bold statement.

#4 Bella Hadid

If you are up for rocking something different, this inverted bob may just be a great option for you. The lovely tones applied throughout the strands give extra charm to the bob. You can also try to play up with multiple tones for a better look. If you love this version, show the picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same style. Good luck!

#5 Zendaya

When it comes to stacked bobs, there are numerous ways to spice it up and give it a sophisticated touch. You can never go wrong with a balayage bob style. Just have a look at this style and draw your inspiration from it. However, balayage will not only provide you with incredible hair color but also a striking hairstyle that can’t be seen on anyone else.

#6 Rihanna

Fortunately, stacked bob flatters numerous face shapes and here is an example for women with heart-shaped faces. This layered bob is just fabulous with layers and messy patterns. If you have a face like this don’t hesitate to sport it exactly this lovely style.

#7 Taraji P Henson

#8 Jourdan Dunn

#9 Katy Perri

#10 Jennifer Lawrence