11 Hottest Hair Trends for a Dramatic Change in 2024

Though long hair is always in thing but it can be boring if you don’t do regular touch ups or refreshments. Sometimes even simple changes make hair look different and more fashionable. Adding bangs to long hair is one of the most popular hair styling ideas. There are many bang haircuts for long hair to try in 2024 but the most flattering and fashionable ones are gathered here. Check them out!!!

1. Jellyfish Cut

Right chosen bangs can add softness and subtleness to long haircuts. They are beautiful both with straight and curled hairstyles. Side swept bangs compliment most face shapes and soften unpleasant facial features. It’s better if you choose long side swept bangs for your long tresses. Those with fine hair can go for cute wispy styles.

2. Italian Bob

Textured full nags are great with long straight haircuts. They make you look younger and more playful. Fine hair can become full-looking with textured bangs. They work with large foreheads and long face shapes. Full heavy bangs can be styled into straight and shaggy styles.

3. Shaggy Pixie

Like the previous one long straight bangs go with large foreheads and long face shapes. They work well with thick hair and provide you with a youthful look. You can sport long straight bangs with your long straight hairstyles. They are very neat and clean-looking.

4. Curtain Bangs

The majority of bang styles for long hair are in long shapes as they create the desired well-balanced effect. Women who have layered haircuts can complete their scrumptious hairstyle with long layered bangs. They are side swept or center parted bangs which frame the face gracefully. You are welcome to blend them with the rest of your front layered cuts to create a harmonious and more ravishing effect.

5. Blowouts

As for blunt bangs they best go with long straight hair without additional touches. This hairstyle is beautiful just in its simplicity. However it allows you to go for curly styles for special events. You can rock the bangs in blunt, smooth, shaggy and straight forms while the rest of hair can be styled in a variety of trendy hairstyles.

6. Soft Waves

Before choosing any bang haircut consult with your hairstylist to make the right choice. It’s quite essential to wear the style which compliments your face shape. Keep in mind that even a simplest bang style can totally change your facial expression and look.

7. Barqoue Bob

8. Short Pixie 

9. Shoulder Length Cut with Bangs

10. Center Parted Shoulder-Length Hairstyles