12 Awesome Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna

The queen of POP music Rihanna is a real trendsetter whose styles are being copied within minutes after she sports… We have already seen her rocking various hair colors and hairstyles but she never stops amuse us with new trends. Her looks are becoming as popular as her singles. As Rihanna is a good source of inspiration, we have decided to select the best hairstyle ideas worn by this gorgeous celebrity. If you are feeling lack of inspiration, just check out these pictures and you will know what hairstyle to sport for the next time.

#1 Fiery Red Updo Hairstyle

Fiery Red Updo Hairstyle

Everyone will admit that the fiery red is one of the best shades that Rihanna has ever tried out. The shade complements her dark skin complexion and brings out her eyes. She has worn her hair in a gorgeous updo style for an elegant look. If you have the same complexion and texture as Rihanna never hesitate to try out this style. And this picture may serve as a good inspiration for you.

#2 Long Wavy Hair with Highlights

Long Wavy Hair with Highlights

Rihanna looks good in natural shades too. Her hairstylists applied two-tone lighter highlights throughout her brunette hair to achieve a shade that not only accentuates her complexion but also provides with extra texture and dimension. Whether she is wearing hair extensions or it’s her real extra-long strands we truly love to see her with long mane. Brunettes who are lucky enough to grow their tresses out, should copy this style.

#3 Blue Black Hairstyle

Blue Black Hairstyle

It seems Rihanna can customize any shade for her complexion. In this picture, she is wearing a blue-black hair color on her long tresses. However, this tone is still on the darker spectrum of the shade. Those who think that having darker hair color is more fun, should consider this midnight blue tone. Rihanna knows how to pull off this shade, so take cue from her and ask your stylist for the same style.

#4 Pixie Haircut

pixie with short bangs

Rihanna’s face features allow her to rock different types of pixie haircuts. Below we have included one of her best pixie looks that you should give a try. It entails adding some bangs to the pixie for a better effect. The bangs above her eyebrows accentuates her features. Thereby, this look is not for everyone, consult your stylist to know whether you face shape allows you to wear your bangs short or not.

#5 Curly Messy Updo

curly messy updo

Rihanna has natural curly texture that she can use for her own benefit. The udpo achieved on her natural curls, looks quite stylish and effortless. All you need to do to create this look, is to pull your hair up and secure in a high bun. Don’t forget to leave some tendrils out of the updo for a feminine touch. Even if you don’t have these curls but you still want to achieve the following updo, use hair diffuser.