12 people who prove hairstyles can completely change the way you look

Big fans of the retro hairstyle are always in search of new hair styling ideas inspired by it. They are discovering the beauty if the vintage style day by day and offer us unique hairstyles. Those who haven’t tried the popular retro wavy hairdos are welcome to try some of these retro finger wave hairstyles in 2024. There is glam touch in each finger wavy hairstyle. You can opt for them for formal parties and for luxurious events. Now, check them out.

In order to get a neat and elegant wavy hairstyle on long hair you can choose finger waves. They will bring out your hair color and will make your hairstyle shine beautifully. In case you have straight hair you can easily achieve the desired result. After you are done with waves don’t forget to fix them with hair spray

As side parted or side pulled hairstyles are trendy in 2022 you can often choose this hairstyle for formal occasions. It is great even for brides who have long thick locks. You will surely enhance your femininity and attractiveness with the help of side parted finger wave hairstyle.

What about a stunning wavy bob? Do you want to change your simple haircut into a gorgeous and glamorous hairstyle? Copy the following option. It’s a lovely short bob styled in a cute finger wave hairstyle. We may call this a great combination of the retro modern styles. It is more eye-catching in orangey blonde hair color and red lips.

Liven up your short boyish haircut by finger waves. They tend to break down the masculine touch in any short pixie haircut making it quite feminine and seductive. When you combine it with retro makeup you get a super stylish look.

Messy hairstyles are softer and more natural-looking. As for finger waves I can say that they are quite voluminous in messy hairstyles and tend to make your hair very delicate. In order to get this lovely and tender look you are expected to go for finger waves, spray a light hair spray and then make the waves messy. The easiest way to give them messiness is to play by your fingers.

Sleek and wet-looking updo hairstyles are now very requested, they are more interesting in finger wave hairstyles and tend to grab attention. Since these hairstyles bring out your face shape and facial features you can wear a pretty makeup.