14 Incredible Before and After Hair Transformation for Women over 35

It is quite hard to describe what was represented during Zuhair Murad 2021 fashion shows because all the descriptions associated with elegance from alluring, amazing, awesome, and delightful to sophisticated, dainty and posh are all about these pieces. The stunning models in admirable dresses drive us mad and make us gaze at them for several minutes to catch all the details, ornaments and glitters on the fancy gowns. Now let’s pass on to the hairstyles. The chosen retro hairdos with the so wanted modern touch in them are the best examples for you to wear for the upcoming holidays, parties, festivals and weddings. They are more than feminine and are going to be among the most requested hairstyles in salons. Have a look at the prettiest retro hairstyles for 2024 and pick the ones which work well with your hair type and length.

Marcel waves are cute wavy hairstyles inspired by vintage hairdos. They are very soft and compared with many wavy styles look quite neat and elegant. These hairstyles are recently chosen by many Hollywood stars. They are achieved on different haircuts but the best effects are created on long and thick locks. If you have such ten copy one of these looks. How to Style: Wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and soften with conditioner. Then blow dry and rub hair cream from the top to the ends start curling with large curling tool into loose Marcel waves. Pull your locks to one side and spray light hair spray.

What about this lovely retro hairdo combined with retro makeup? It does make sense and grab attention. You may choose the following smart hairstyle for office meetings at your office or for formal occasions.

How to Style: Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and apply hair conditioner to soften the tips. Then apply matte hair cream and part locks to one side by the help of a comb. Brush smoothly and curl the ends into loose waves. Then again brush, tuck the front strands behind the ears and spray hair spray.

Here you see another retro wavy hairstyle created on short bob haircut. Finger waves are the most popular vintage hairstyle which ladies choose to beautify their short pixie and bob haircuts. They are festive and look ideal with lavish gowns.

How to Style: Again start with washing hair. Don’t forget about hair conditioning and go for dry blowing. After this comb locks and part to one side. Use hair cream and curling tools to achieve cool finger waves. Tuck the other part of hair behind the ear and spray hair spray.