16 Long Pixie Cuts to Make You Stand Out in 2024

Long Pixie haircut is the main trend of 2024 and coming spring so if you are thinking about trendy up-do hairstyle you should definitely opt for braids. There are hundred styles of pixie as well as plaiting techniques that will be suitable for any occasion but if you are looking for the style that will keep all eyes on you, take a look at these 17 examples of long pixie haircuts and keep in mind few simple tricks to create similar hot look for coming 2024…

The greatest advantage of braided hairstyle is low maintenance so you can create smashing look even if you have minimal styling skills. Next best thing about braided hairstyle is that it will be trendy and stylish so you will not have to worry about your up-do. When it comes to summer braided hairstyles, you should forget about neat and polished styles and opt for more relaxed messy braids that will radiate urban glamour and sexiness!

First braided hairstyle to be mentioned is loose messy hairstyle combined with thin braided strands. You can add thin strands on both sides or create messy braided bang style that will beautifully frame your face. Such style will look stunning on beach parties so do not miss your chance to stay in the limelight with your braided hairstyle. This style is very easy to do, you just need to create a deep side parting and braid one side and then secure it with hair clip or colorful ribbon.

If you are looking for creative and flirty braided hairstyle, you can choose halo braid. This style looks absolutely fantastic and will be suitable for any formal occasion like prom or even wedding. If you are not sure that you can create perfect style, you should turn to pro hair dresser o tar least ask your friend to help you.

Last but not least style to be mentioned is messy side braid that is the best option to create smashing look in five minutes. In order to create messy and relaxed style first apply mousse on damp hair and then go on creating messy braid.