10+ Best Deep Side Part Hairstyles on Pinterest According to HG

You may think that hair parting cannot be a trend and there is no reason to devote a whole post to side parting. I thought so unless I saw latest runway show where hair gurus chose side parting as main feature of runway hairstyles. Well, I guess this is a great reason to take a closer look at side parted hairstyles on Pinterest. 10+ Best Deep Side Part Hairstyles on Pinterest According to HG


Hair parting has great importance and it should be suitable for face shape. Some wear middle parting for years, the others love to experiment with different hair partings but now I offer you to wear deep side parting to add modern twist to your haircut. Side parting can be added to virtually all haircuts. You will have nothing to do but check out these runway inspired side parted hairstyles and wear similar do.


Deep side parting has survived the decades, it was essential part of retro wavy hairstyle but now it is very popular because of allure that it can give to your image. You can create deep side parting and wear elegant up-do or wear loose wavy hairstyle.


There are zillion options to have glamorous look with deep side parted hair and there is no need to stuck in a rut. There is one thing to keep in mind is that this hair parting is not suitable for all face shapes and if you think that it doesn’t suite you, you should definitely stay away from wearing such style.


Let’s get back to side parting. As for me, this parting works best with super long hair. You can go for sleek, wavy, tousled or slicked long hair and each time you will look breathtaking. I have not once mentioned popular hairstyles with deep side parting and you can always find other smashing hairstyles with side parting.


I have noticed that recently up-do hairstyles are all side parted and I should note that I love them all. Simple pulled up styles like ponytail, bun up-do, chignon and other styles will look simply fantastic when combined with side parting.