2021 Trendy Slicked Back Hairstyle Ideas

slicked back wavy hairstyle 2016Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

You don’t need to apply hair gel on your hair from the crown part to the very ends. Straighten your hair and then add hair gel only on the top part. Then brush it back and leave to dry. This hairdo will help you to bring out your slender facial features. Women who have fine hair may tease their crown part beforehand to avoid a dull look.slicked back long hair 2016Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle

When you back comb your bob haircut with hair gel it looks visually longer. So, this is a great trick to make your short hair look medium length. Besides, it’s very attractive and tends to show off the shine of your hair.wet look bob hairstyle 2016Slicked Back Ponytail Hairstyle

Here you see a creative low ponytail hairstyle which reminds of trendy poof hairdos. The back combed top part is cool in its voluminous style and the side sleek hair makes it very classy. It’s a good choice as a tight and comfy low ponytail hairstyle which has a festive look.slicked back ponytail hairstyle 2016Slicked Back Short Haircut

Your short pixie haircut will get a masculine touch if you go for a slicked back hairdo. If you have too slender and subtle facial features then you can go for this hairstyle applying hair gel on your lock and combing it back.short hair 2016Slicked Back Bun Hairstyle

In case you don’t know what to do with your second day hair to look elegant you can opt for a slicked back low bun hairstyle. This will keep all your hair out of your face and nape and will show off your cute face shape. You may wear delicate makeup to have the desired classy look.slicked back low bun 2016