22 Short Hair Ideas You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

Do you want to chop off your curly locks into a lovely short cut? You are in the right place and I offer you keep on reading to find out the most fashionable short curly hairstyles for 2024. Before choosing one of them, consult with your hairstylist to make sure you have found the most suitable one for your face shape…

Natural curly hair of black women always need refreshments to look pretty. The trendy short haircut for black women is the boyish pixie. Since you have natural curls your short pixie will still keep its femininity and subtleness. So, you can choose a short boyish pixie for your natural hair and dye it in a trendy red hair color. Consider a stylish bob haircut for your curly tresses in 2024 because bob haircuts are stylish and very girlish. They are more feminine on curls and are great for women who want to look younger. This hairstyle is cuter in shiny hair colors like golden blonde, copper red or bronzy brown.

Be it a short bob or a pixie haircut your curls will look softer and more attractive in a cute pastel hair color. You can choose pastel purple, mint, light blue or pink for your short curly haircut. In case you often curl your slightly wavy hair into tight curls you will like the way pastel shades are reflected on them.

Those who like unique haircuts are welcome to make their choice between asymmetrical haircuts. They are cuter on curly hair and tend to give you a younger look. You can combine a short bob with a short pixie haircut and get a trendy short asymmetrical haircut. This haircut is better-looking with long bangs.

A simple and a low-maintenance haircut for naturally curly hair is the classy short pixie. If you have fine hair you can choose a cool layered pixie haircut which will give you many more hair styling opportunities.

As for bangs I can say that the east bang haircuts for curly hair are long side parted or front face framing bangs. They are nicer with short haircuts and are gorgeous just the way they are. You don’t need to style them additionally to look pretty. They are soft in their curly nature.