25 Best Short Haircuts for Women Over 35 in 2024

The long-awaited holidays are here and we are thinking of trendy hairstyles. When it comes to short hair the options become fewer and fewer because making short hair festive is not so easy. However stylish celebrities and models who have short haircuts give us cool hair styling ideas. Here are collected the best short hairstyles for 2024. They are very fashionable and look so glamorous…

Vintage finger waves are big trends in the fashion world and they are ideal especially for short hair when you want to make it look gorgeous and eye-catching. Finger waves are smooth and very shiny. They can be achieved even on short pixie cuts which have a boyish touch in them. If you like you can wear this hairstyle with classy and elegant outfits.

Side parted hairstyles are other classy hairdos for short hair. They are comfy and keep all your hair out of the face. In this case you may combine your wet-looking sleek hairstyle with a subtle makeup to keep the attention on your pretty face. With the help of the right hair products you can easily achieve the desired wet-look effect on your short hair.

As for waves I can say that they are the most feminine and girlish hairstyles for women of all age groups. These are great for short bob cuts which tend to become more voluminous thanks to the soft waves.  Use simple hair curling tools to get the ravishing curly style and then run your hair into the curl to get looser and more relaxed waves.

In order to stand out from the crowd you can style your locks into a fabulous messy hairstyle. Rub hair products and create a messy mixture of spiky and pompadour hairstyle with your fingers. It’s so easy and playful. You will get a younger and very engaging look.

Among top hair trends for 2024 slicked back style has its special place. This is a classy hair styling idea inspired by male hairstyles. Women who have fine hair and still want to opt for a cute slicked back hairstyle should tease their top part hair before applying hair gel. It will provide the desired voluminous effect. Slicked back hairstyles can be chosen bot for bob and pixie haircuts.

If you have deiced to refresh your hairstyle with a new hair color then go for the platinum blonde. Platinum, blonde is a subtle hair color and can immediately change your dull short haircut into a flashy and a luxurious hairstyle. Besides platinum blonde hair color adds a delicate touch to very short masculine haircuts.

Pick your favorite headbands, flowers, hair clippers, colorful bobby pins or hair chains to beautify your short haircut. Any cute hair accessory can change your simple hairstyle into a luxurious and festive hairdo.