27 Bold and Beautiful Medium-Length Haircuts for a Dramatic Change

Ladies with long hair are welcome to style their locks in various ways. While short-haired women look for trendy braided hairstyles long-haired women already rock them on catwalks and on the red carpet. Now, I will show you the hottest long braided hairstyles for 2024 and you will be just inspired..

Rope braid is one of the latest braided hairstyles represented during runway shows. It is a complicated braid for thick hair and is styled that way so that it can look like a low classy ponytail. Compare with simple braids rope braid is a festive one and can be worn for parties. It is astounding on long monotone colored hair.

Beautify your semi updo hairstyles with simple or fishtail braids. Braid the front strands of your hair which you are going to gather together on the back part. There are different braided half updo hairstyles and this is the most common one that you can get on your long hair.

Today many copy this braided hairstyle of Rihanna. It’s a glossy red long braid in a very neat and elegant form. It is party hairstyle and looks beautiful with long dresses. In spite of being so simple it is very sophisticated. You can steal it for the upcoming special occasions in 2024.

It seems as if Blake is in love with braided ponytail hairstyles. They keep her long hair in a tidy form and bring out her pretty facial features. In order to achieve a cool braided ponytail you need to style a high pony and braid it either into a simple or a fishtail braid. It is very easy and you can get it by yourself.

Messy fishtail braids are in thing and they are waiting for you to be chosen as casual hairstyles. They are ideal for second day long hair and look more attractive in side parted styles. It is quite easy to get a fishtail braid on long tresses and if you like you may wear it often in 2024.

Among so many waterfall braids I have chosen the most astounding and unique one for you. Here it is! Do you like it? It is really an exquisite hairstyle for long straight hair and is a smashing one for parties. Choose it to bring out the shades and the shine of your healthy hair.