34 Trending Bob Haircut Ideas 2024

When you come across with the faux hawk bob hairstyle you feel as if this is something quite different. It doesn’t look like you common and subtle bobs. It is bold and more ye-catching due to the technique and structure that hairstylists use to get it. Actually Mohawk bobs are festive and party hairstyles to wear for special occasions. Since they are so trendy I will represent the most beautiful and creative Mohawk bob hairstyle ideas for 2024..

Using the simple technique of the French bob your hairdresser can gift you a cute Mohawk bob hairstyle. He/she may start form the very top and will end at the tips. The final result is a classy and tight bobed hairstyle. Another way to get a bobed Mohawk hairstyle is using the Dutch bobing skills. This bob is much more fascinating thanks to its thick and attractive nature. It is sometimes met in messy styles.

Rope bob is the latest trend in the fashion world. We see many models with this bob hairstyle on catwalks. It is a kind of simple twisted hairstyle which reminds of a tight plait. You can use it to get a flashy Mohawk bob hairstyle.

Girls who like more playful and youthful bob hairstyles often refer to lovely pigtails. They are cuter and grab much attention. So, replace the simple pigtail bobs with the trendy faux hawk pigtails. You can opt for this hairstyle on casual days, for your second day hair or for rainy days.

The messier your hairstyle the more eye-catching you will look. Taking into account that Mohawk hairstyles are edgy in their look you can highlight this edginess by adding more messiness. So, try to create a looser and messier bobed Mohawk hairstyle on your medium or long hair. If you like you can go for a tuck updo to have a more natural-looking faux hawk on the top part.

Have a look at this cool updo hairstyle. It will surely make you stand out from the crown first of all, due to its lovely color then with its delightful bobed style. Lavender hair color is both trendy and very exquisite. Even if you wear bold hairstyles you will still have a tender and delicate look.