9 Hottest Lob Hairstyles of the Week: Best Options And Tips

What about faking haircuts? Many like this because fake hairdos allow them to look different one day and to look the same on the next day. This amuses their friends, relatives and people around them. There is really much fun in faux hairstyles and today I will speak about the trendy 9 Long bob hairstyles for 2024. If you dream of a nice bob hairstyle for a special day then go ahead with one of these examples.


Are you looking for an elegant fake bob hairstyle? Have a look at this option. It’s a sleek and very neat bob hairstyle with side swept faux bangs. Everything is fake in this cute hairstyle but it still looks very elegant and sophisticated. In order to achieve it you need hair gel and bobby pins!


The next is a glamorous slicked back faux bob which helps you showcase your beautiful facial features. It again achieved by bobby pins and hair gel and in case you have fine hair you may tease the crown part a bit for the desired volume. You can rock slicked back hairstyles for the upcoming parties and formal meetings as they are very trendy in 2024.


Those who are looking for a softer and subtler faux bob hairstyle which will enhance their beauty and will make them look younger I suggest the following wavy faux bob. It goes without saying that this hairdo has a sophisticated touch in it and is worth trying for a crazy party. The blonde hair color along with dark roots and side parted form gift the hairstyle more glam and charm.


Retro inspired hairstyles are all very fabulous and eye-catching. They are achieved with rolls, curls and waves which make any simple hairdo so luxurious. If you like this style you should try the lovely vintage faux bob at least once in your life. If you like you can decorate it with stylish headbands.


Lazy ladies who like to rock their tresses in trendy and easy to do messy hairstyles may like the festive messy faux bob. It is a cute, girlish and exquisite hairstyle for different parties and formal events.messy faux bob hairstyle 2016 Even natural curls look stunning in fake bob hairstyles. This smashing hairstyle is really a great one to surprise your friends. From the first sight it looks like a real bob haircut and the impression is more than incredible.