Medium Bob Hairstyles Are the First Major Hair Trend of 2024

When it comes to medium bob hairstyles I become even more excited because long hair is so beautiful in any hairstyle that you can’t help falling in love with it. Women with long hair know the secret of alluring and capturing men. Even a simple messy hairstyle is gorgeous on long hair. When you wake up with that seductive bedhead hair you wish you could style many hairdos like that because messy hairstyles are too sophisticated. Today we’ll speak about the lovely long messy hairstyles for 2024. Here they are!

Crimping hair is becoming more and more popular. Though it is great on any length of hair but the perfect effect is felt on long tresses. Crimped hair usually looks messier and more voluminous. This style is ideal for ladies who have long fine hair and need to make it look fuller. So, rock loose, braided or updo hairstyles on your crimped hair in 2024.

Teasing hair is another way to get the desired attractive and eye-catching messy hairstyle. This is easy and effective at the same. Both thick and thin-haired girls can opt for this style to make their hair dressy and sassy. Don’t avoid flashy and bold hairstyles in 2024.


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This is the style you see on the mirror every day you wake up. Bombshell hairstyles are best achieved on long hair. They are the most fantastic messy hairstyle for you. Bombshell curls are big curls that start from the middle part of your hair. They are more ye-catching on layered haircuts. Try to keep the top part teased and volumized to have that messy look.

Bohemian waves or beach waves are chic and trendy in 2024. They are the most popular messy hairstyles for summer. However you can rock it in any season. This hairstyle is very natural-looking and therefore makes you look girlish and lovelier.


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Even celebrities like to appear with messy hairstyles. What about you? Don’t worry about your second day hairstyles. Here is the super feminine messy side braid hairstyle. You can choose any plait you like for your hairdo. But if you want to look stylish go for the popular simple or fishtail plait. Do your best to be in the center of attention whatever it is. You can rock your favorite braids anytime and anywhere.


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Who says messy styles are only for wavy and curly hair? They are ideally achieved on straight hair as well if you have a layered haircut.  Go for a blow dry, tease your locks a bit and pull a huge part of the layers to a side. It’s already messy. Isn’t it? COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM